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I called on my cousin,. My passport stamps and other records show that I was at Brazzaville (French Congo) on 14th and 15th November, crossing the Congo River for Leopoldville on 15th November. I remember the wind blowing Mother's red straw hat towards the people; she did not get it back! Notter., were agents for Zwicky and the manufacturer of fasteners "Riri". On 16th October, 1955, Father travelled for the SA Breweries to Ndola, returning to Johannesburg on the 14th November, 1955. We had entered France at Pontarlier on 10th July. I only reached level A in these 3 subjects,.e. On 10th February, 1955, I was issued SA Immigration Permit 9416, a green card, which on the 31st October, 1955 was endorsed that I could only work as a student or apprentice for the next three years! I had to go to the Alien's Registration office in the city centre and have all my finger-prints taken - I felt like a criminal. My father also taught us how to play chess.

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successful venture, not in the short-term. Interim papers had to be sent to Durban for correction. Henri and I got from Papa a postcard of the Voortrekker Monument in Pretoria which he had visited on a short trip, dated 18th May, 1953. Ltd., Johannesburg (manufacture of concentrate Lecol Products (distribution). The Aliens Registration Office in Johannesburg then confirmed on 29th June, 1954, that I had applied for registration. During May, 1959, I became a member of The Automobile Association of South Africa (AA) which was to give me continuous service for the next 30 years or even longer. Once I attended Sunday mass at Auxonne, from beginning to the end, the first time I attended a full service, mainly held in Latin. The next day, after calling on the few clients Kallos had there, it was off to Fort Lamy in the Tchad region. Zehnder within a short time of about two weeks that I was not interested in this venture. Gallen, which I attended from the summer semester 1952 through to the winter semester 1954.

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I was employed as an Assistant-Accountant in sexe rapide sex marocain the bank's Securities Department, from that date until I resigned. Recording all share transactions of the bank and sexe rapide sex marocain its clients (by hand in thick ledgers as was done in those days this for a monthly salary of 60 a month. Gallen; we met in some fully equipped cellar and learned all we could about developing one's own pictures in black/white - it was just an expensive hobby, unfortunately. On 13th October, 1959, I sent Rivella International a resumé of the people I had contacted so far which makes for interesting reading. My testimonial from Kallos Son (Pty) Ltd. Brink, MD of Federale Volksbeleggings in Cape Town, submitting my project. On 26th March, I duly received my Swiss certificate of proficiency ( Fähigkeitszeugnis : kaufmännische Lehre - Wegelin.,. We always started at the northernmost gate, moving down South. In October, 1950, I was in Paris for a short while, staying with my godmother Suzanne at 224 Rue de Rivoli opposite the "Jardin des Tuileries". Memorable too was all the delicious food we were served - 2 entrées, 3 sexe rapide sex marocain main dishes, 2 deserts - most of the time Max and I ate it all! I was partner of Erika Wegelin at the Uniball. On 26th November, Father travelled for the SA Breweries to Rhodesia and returned to Johannesburg on 7th December, 1957. My parents really could not afford this, but moving from Basel. Gallen) ; she also visited her own mother and Pépère in France, crossing Pontarlier on 11th July, 1956, then Frasne on 6th August, Pontarlier on 28th August and 9th September, 1956. This had to be done 6 months before my next birthday. According to my letter to Dr Barth dated 28th September, 1959, I had a car accident on the way from Cape Town to Johannesburg during the previous week, when part of my draft agreements for the manufacture of the concentrate were lost! In June, 1950, our Father gave notice that he was leaving the Actienbrauerei, Basel, per 31st December, 1950. I remember having contacts with stainless steel works, in particular Mitsubishi, obtaining samples and"s, and submitting them to potential South African importers. On 15th May, 1959, the agreement of employment with Kallos Son (Pty) Ltd. When he packed his suitcase to go back, he had included a train toy of Jean-Jean - Suzanne wanted to repack the suitcase properly and noticed this; she was very disappointed! On 8th May, 1956, Mother got a return visa - she promptly left for Switzerland to visit her gynaecologist in Basel; according to her pass, she crossed. When on the 20th March, 1951, I stopped going to the courses, Jakow Trachtenberg scribbled his comments on one of my working papers! Unfortunately, he could hardly speak a word of English, having just arrived in the country, but he gave me an illustrated book used to teach the language to children. All I was interested in those days was to get orders. They could not offer him the conditions he was aiming at (at the beginning of the year, he had been approached by Gebrüder Bühler, Uzwil, to join them the following year, to run and develop their Brewery Division). Brother Henri tried his first cigarettes at the flat in Iddapark!

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From a letter I wrote then to my mother in France, it seems that I started having problems with Gygax, not only because he had cancelled in writing my free Wednesday afternoons, without compensation, but also because I felt tired of everything and morally down. It was so hot and humid, sweat just ran down my back, and I had to go back to the hotel over lunch to change my shirt. I never wrote to my mother, there was no time for that! So I attended over a long time Spanish classes at the Benedict College - I remember we were only 3 students and the Spanish teacher, a lady, only spoke Spanish, never a word in German - a very good way to learn fast! I remember walking through a big office with many clerks, all speaking English (!) and being black people, not a white person in sight. Whilst working at Wegelin., I started buying and selling shares and bonds on a small scale, but it paid off! My personal tax assessment for 1957 reflected an assessed income of R1558, on which I had paid R102! We also attended one of the tribal mine dances held at the Old Roodepoort Gold Reef Mine near Johannesburg, and enjoyed walking at some other time around the stunning "The Wilds" gardens on the way to Houghton, in full bloom. I still held.3 of the shares and was a director, but I had no control about the affairs or what went through the books. All I remember were some most disturbing images of Ferdinand Hodler' sickbed scenes - I do not know if these were part of their museum collection or if it was a special exhibition. I had to forget about becoming a brewer and was released of my apprenticeship for health reasons (eczema by the cantonal "Lehrlingskommission per 31st July, 1951! According to my pass, I got a single journey re-entry visa on 2nd June, 1959.

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Rencontre en ligne maroc le havre I also remember that I had to go on tchat sex gratuit antibes behalf of Geigy to Johannesburg from time to time, using the company's transport and driver, a Zulu, who was happy to teach me a few words in his language, such as "nyama" for "meat" (which. Simultaneously, on 30th May, 1958, I entered into an agreement of employment with Etienne Kallos on behalf of Kallos Son (Pty) Ltd., Johannesburg / Cape Town.
loveday ch uzwil FFH in 1957 In January, 1957, Henri started his job at First Electric Corporation at Knights on the East Rand, daily travelling by bus to the Johannesburg Railway Station and with the SAR to Knights and back. My tax assessment for 1958 reflected an assessed income of R906, on which I had paid R36! In those days one still had to ask to be connected to an overland telephone line, so one became friendly with the telephone operator and got to know their voice, which meant that often a call would go through at no cost, or for. I also became very friendly with the Podestà family in Cape Town - Mr Podestà was Bank Manager of the SA Bank of Athens, Cape Town and I would see them or stay with them over the next few years, till we lost contact. One of the side-benefits of working for Kallos was the possibility of occasionally getting at cost an interesting variety of mainly canned fruit, vegetables or jams, through his office.
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