The rain and wind in Florida began on Sunday morning and will worsen overnight into Monday. The storm is forecast to come ashore late on Tuesday near the border between Louisiana and Mississippi, and drop as much as 8 inches (20 cm) of rain in some areas of the.S. I'll add the name in a minute see below)- we think it may be "Pinyon CG?" You can perch yourselves on the rocks to the west of the CG, for a splendid long view of the Eastern Sierra, from across the Owens Valley- it's. Hi There Satchel, You asked for other recommendations away from seki, so here's ours: For short trips, we just love the Eastern Sierra, and usually much prefer to enter the Sierra from that side. There are an array of hot springs to choose from (Google them) beginning to the north of Big Pine, and some of the finest are east, northeast of Convict Creek, and some give you amazing views back into the Eastern Sierra mountain wall, and all. Fossil, Juniper, Pinon, and Poleta group campgrounds (7,200 Reservations available via National Recreation Reservation Center, Online, Phone: (877) 444-6777. I know there are some proper paid campgrounds on the Eastside, but we use them so infrequently that they escape our memory. Gordon was generating winds of 50 miles per hour (80 km per hour) on Monday as it steamed west-northwest at 16 mph (27 kph the National Hurricane Center said. If you are interested in day hikes (no permit nec.) we can give you guys some of our our favorites Satchel. Yet another favorite camping area is at the edge of the Jeffrey Pine forest at the south side of Mono Lake. Two of our favorite free camping areas are around the Alabama Hills, and off the many dirt roads above the towns of Lonepine, Independence, and Big Pine. Satellite maps show Tropical Storm Gordon formed over the Florida Keys and south Florida Monday morning bringing heavy rains and gusts up to 45-miles-per-hour. You'll need to take water to all of these sites, but at all of them you have water to get cleaned up in (Mono Lake is fascinating to swim in, but about twice as salty as the sea. Email format is invalid. Smarter Repair, document Number: null, date: null, name is required.

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Louisiana, Mississippi and the Alabama-Florida border will be slammed with rain and heavy winds and are under a tropical storm watch. If we need to contact you do you want us to use. Pictured are beachgoers seeking shelter during a storm on Sunday in Florida. It is just so much easier to drive here and there to the Eastside trailheads, and the area itself feels wide open and scenic in every direction. The heaviest rain in southern Florida is expected to begin Monday morning and last throughout the day. The eastside trails put you almost immediately into spectacular mountain country, with streams and lakes, and endless hiking and climbing possibilities. An unexpected error has occurred. Isn't here a nice camping location both at the top of the Onion Valley TH, (in from Independence) and another a few miles below? The west side of the Sierra is also fantastic, and there are amazing forests to see! The storm was forecast to come ashore late on Tuesday near the border between Louisiana and Mississippi, and drop as much as 8 inches (20 cm) of rain in some areas of the.S.

are expected to arrive. A storm surge warning is in effect for the Mississippi-Alabama border westward to the mouth of the Mississippi River. Boats make their way across Biloxi Back Bay in Biloxi, Miss.,as they evacuate to safe harbor ahead of the forecast hurricane. The tropical storm depression formed Tropical Storm Gordon over the Florida Keys Monday morning. Gulf Coast on Tuesday night, the National Hurricane Center (NHC) said. This same road can lead you up to the long ridge line of White Mountain, where you are bound to see a lot of wildlife early and late in the day: snowshoe hares, many marmot, many hawks and golden eagles if lucky, there are even. Email, yes, no, phone, yes, no, phone Number. Fish as rain and wind are whipped up by Tropical Storm Gordon in Miami Monday. You can go out at night with a spotlight to avoid the rattlers, but more to see all of the kangaroo rats, rabbits, mice, coyotes, and who knows what all else? Rick Scott urged Floridians and those visiting Florida to check the weather, as weather experts advise beachgoers to swim near a lifeguard due to high rip current risks. A surfer enjoys the waves kicked up by Tropical Storm Gordon Monday in Miami as heavy rain and gusty winds are hitting the Keys and south Florida. At the mouth of the Mississippi River, around the area of New Orleans, the storm could generate a surge of up to 4 feet(1.2 metres) and smaller surges could hit coastland along other parts of the Gulf Coast, Graham said. Tropical Storm Gordon formed over the Florida Keys and is now lashing the southern part of the state with heavy rains and high winds with isolated tornadoes possible.

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